Who are we ?

At the digital age and facing the technologies that are developing day by day, the AFRO-WAVE communication agency meets your digital, communication, economic and political expectations.

AFRO-WAVE specializes in the management, organization and promotion of your image in the digital area, nationally and internationally.

The agency consists of a team with different profiles, taking care to meet the needs of our customers.

With a large network of media and institutional partners throughout the African continent, our major asset is our ability to promote the interests of our clients in a truly pan-African context. This is particularly important at a time when African countries are increasingly relying on intra-continental interaction as part of the "South-South" concept.

This asset is even more reinforced by our own experience in the African and international media sphere.

As Africa becomes the major geopolitical and geo-economic ground of the twenty-first century, in a changing world, communication strategy requires a revolutionary approach that moves away from so-called "traditional" instruments.

As such, our vision is to offer our continental and extra-continental clientele the approach that will fully achieve the expected objectives.

Whatever are your expectations and business sectors, we are committed to providing you with the necessary strategy and support at the highest professional level.